You must drop that nonsense this year!

Let me share an experience with you . . .

Two years ago, I bought a bus ticket (No.1) at an Abuja bus terminal for a bus going to Onitsha.

Unknown to me, No.1 wasn’t the ‘luxury’ seat I assumed it was but rather that ‘attachment’ seat just beside the driver, as two people were supposed to sit in front.

I had my backpack stuffed with clothes.

The man that sat beside me, and the driver complained that I couldn’t carry the bag on my laps while sitting at the front so that I don’t disturb the driver.

When I complained that I had no other place to keep my bag because the bus was literarily stuffed with luggage, they both ‘opened fire’ at me.

They started shouting at me and made it look as if it was my fault that there was no space for my bag.

Brethren . . . that was when I ‘temporarily’ forgot that I was supposed to be ‘the gentle lamb that openeth NOT its mouth on the way to the slaughter’.

I quickly lashed back hard without mercy! ☹

I didn’t rain abuses anyway but I sure sounded disrespectful to these two men that were obviously not less than twice my age.

After they both shut down and my senses started trickling back, I was so ashamed of myself! 🤦🏻‍♂

🧠 As my sense trickled back, I started taking note of the ‘white hairs’ on their hairs and their jaws and moustache (which has been there all the while).

I was so disappointed with life! I just wished the ground could just open and swallow me up! 😭😭😭

I looked for every opportunity to engage them in a discussion but found none until we arrived at Lokoja where we took a 20minutes break.

I quickly located the elderly man that sat beside me(who was my major offendee) and asked him to forgive me🙁.

You needed to see the way he embraced me like a 1-year old crying baby and said, “My Son . . . “.

I found out that he was actually a Statistics lecturer just coming back from his last son’s ‘Call To Bar’,

Now, You can imagine his age right?

The embrace just melted all my foolishness away and smuggled peace into my heart again.

I learnt this lesson that day . . . “ANGER IS JUST TRANSITIONAL MADNESS”

When you’re angry, all your logical senses are suspended and you can only come up with harmful decisions at that point.

Nothing seems too wrong anymore! Is that any different from madness???

Now think of how many opportunities you lost because you displayed all your madness in front of people who were supposed to help you!

You just display all your foolishness in front of your destiny helpers!

Now, you see why you must quit that ‘I DEY QUICK VEX’ attitude in 2019!

Anger is a Seed!
Regret is the Fruit!

If you won’t like a fruit, then refuse to cultivate the seed!

Now, choose your seed wisely!

✍🏻 Chiazokam Obinwa



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