The Ancient Charm called ‘PASSION’

History keeps record of the life of a strange man by the name Lionel Poilane.

The story of the artisan baker who lived his whole life baking nothing else but bread brings our attention the the subject of PASSION once again.

He was so passionate about making bread; with the old primitive firewood-powered oven, he hand-sculpted every loaf like a sculpture.

He had about 50 bread-sculptors who worked with him to make over 5,000 loaves of bread daily and had it transported to over thirty nations of the world daily.

Read that again, I said thirty nations!!!! Let that sink in before we continue . . .

He took his passion so seriously that you’ll require a nine months intensive training program to work in his Bakery. (I am being serious here)

He had both ancient and modern collections of books on bakery and he studied them like he was a medical student studying for his final MBBS examination.

He transported his bread through FedEx cargo planes. A year before he died, he had sold 10millionUSD worth of bread; as far back as 2001.

In a year, he could make 1.5Billion USD from doing what? BAKING BREAD!

In fact, after he died, an American signed a contract with the daughter, Appolonia Poilane, to have the bread delivered from Paris to America to his children and grandchildren every week till death.

Brother, forget ‘otumokpo’, find passion first!

Poilane found his CHARM!
Poilane found his ‘otumokpo’
Be like Poilane!!!

Find your Charm!
Find your Passion!
Find your Niche!
Find your Audience!

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